Benefits of Root Canalsbenefits of root canals

Nobody likes the idea of getting a root canal, but for many people, it might be the best solution to their troubles. If your dentist has told you that root canal therapy is the right choice, there’s no need to despair. You should learn more about the treatment and the benefits of root canals. It has the potential to save your smile and get rid of the pain you’ve been living with for so long.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

A number of things can happen that would require a root canal. In some cases, there may be deep decay in the tooth and around the root. Other times, there could be trauma to the tooth. The dentist will look at all of the options available, and if they deem the root canal to be the best course of action that is the procedure that you should certainly follow.

One of the benefits of a root canal is the fact that it helps to protect the dental pulp. If there is damage to the pulp, there is the potential for pain for the patient. Having a root canal rather than removing the tooth could be a very good option, not to mention a cost efficient one. Those who have an extraction often look at other means of replacing their teeth, such as dental implants. While that is a feasible option, many people find that simply having the root canal and saving the tooth is the better choice.

When a tooth in an adult has an infection at the root, this is the procedure that will be used to save that tooth. The nerves of the tooth are removed, and then it will have a new dental crown added. This crown will keep the tooth safe and stable.

Although many believe that the root canal is one of the most uncomfortable procedures in the dental field, there are methods to help make them a bit easier. You will want to find a dentist in La Jolla who has experience when it comes to endodontics.

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